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Johnathan Kuipers

A bit about me.

I created this page to share more about who I am, what I value, and how I bring these values into my life.

I am committed to being a life-long learner and am honoured to have my worldview shaped and informed by my various personal and professional pursuits.

Here's a snapshot of where I am at for now. Feel free to reach out.


Connection, for me, is about honouring the inherent links we have with one another, with ourselves, and with the earth.

Connection to others can be wonderfully nourishing and sometimes (even at the same time) deeply distressing. Introverted, extroverted, or anywhere in between - we are all in relationship with others.


Connection with the self often feels the same. We can learn all the self love and confidence available to us and still catch ourselves questioning, doubting, and maybe even spinning our wheels. 


Connecting with the earth allows us to ground. As we observe and engage with the world around us, we are anchored and present. Being in nature is one of my favourite ways to connect with the earth - it's like concentrated goodness for me.

Noticing these connections, tending to them, and setting an intention to check in with them every once in a while is my ongoing practice.


There is so much to unpack with this - more than what I intend to illuminate here (at least for now). This is another core value of mine and it is actualized in different ways, depending on what is transpiring around me.

Compassion for others requires that I am compassionate towards myself - not always the easiest task as I'm sure we all know. It's fleeting, like many other states of being. It takes great intention setting and practice to hold space for oneself enough to carve out space for others.


Every day, I am honoured to sit with others and offer what I have in my cup. On these same days, perhaps multiple times throughout the days, I return to filling my cup and hope I don't spill any of these precious resources along the way.


The beauty of creative expression is magical (well actually neurobiological). Really though, it has such a mystical power to lift us into different mindsets. It challenges us to let go of certainty and be with whatever we are doing.

Whether it be art, movement, or the activation of any of our senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, or sound), playing with or exploring these experiences can teach us so much about how we perceive and, therefore, choose to be in our environment.

The power that comes with activating the creative brain is nourishing. It fosters new pathways for ever expanding growth - corny but totally true!

Those of you who know me, know that I will nerd out on neuroscience if left unchecked. Creativity really is a great resource to bring about regulation, process complicated stuff, and move us towards integration.


Giving and receiving. Exchanging knowledge. Storytelling. Listening. For me, this is about being with others and sharing what we have to offer. If our intention is set properly, this is not a one way street - there is a lot to receive when one is quiet enough to notice.

Honouring our unique gifts and talents is a calling. I believe we are asked to contribute within our means and at the same time, we must recognize that our means can change from moment to moment.

I am blessed to collaborate with so many people - you know who you are :-)

Thank you for being a part of my journey and sharing your stories with me.


This is a biggie! I ask for accountability (from people and systems) in order to fulfil my obligations and respect the wishes of others. I also offer it to myself in those quiet moments alone when I need it the most. I do all this to align myself with my integrity.

As a regulated health professional, I am bound by a code of ethics and standards of practice. I regularly engage in professional development and have a network of colleagues to consult with when needed. This holds me to task with regard to my professional endeavours. It assures all my clients that they are being held safely, competently, and ethically in my care.

Personal accountability can be a bit more tricky. It sometimes means long chats with friends and family members, difficult conversations with the self, or changing my environment.


do all this to foster a sense of peace, well-being, and ultimately, congruence.

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