"Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace."

- Confucius

I offer a range of different groups, workshops, and trainings for the business, non-profit, and government sector.

Many of the following workshops are recognized by accrediting bodies in order for you to receive continuing professional development credits. To discuss certification with your professional organization, please contact me.


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Diversity and Inclusion


We can't talk about inclusion without being honestly ready to talk about exclusion and privilege. How do we view the world around us? What biases and stereotypes do we hold on to?

This is the nature of the questions that are explored while looking at diversity education. Because these can be heavy topics, I use a variety of activities that get people up and moving, while exercising their minds.

Creating a culture of respect will start with gathering the perspectives of those present in order to develop safety, trust, and reciprocity.

Trauma Informed Practice


This workshop begins by unpacking core principles of trauma informed practice (TIP). We explore the medicalization of trauma and delineate TIP from focused interventions addressing complex trauma and PSTD.

Cultural competence and intergenerational trauma are examined as we look into cycles of abuse and trauma and how this impacts our ability to cope. The mechanics of trauma are outlined in order to illuminate the neurobiological link between the brain and the body.


Trauma recovery, in relation to the core principles of TIP, is discussed and we end with a conversation about how to maintain a trauma informed approach. We discuss tools and strategies that will aid us in making sure that we take care of ourselves so that we are bringing our best selves to the work we do with others. 

The Ethics of Self Care


As helping professionals, we are exposed to a variety of occupational hazards, but how to we ensure that we stay safely engaged at work?

This 3 hour workshop builds a case for the ethical imperative behind taking care of ourselves and offers practical tools for enhancing job satisfaction and a healthy work/life balance.

Social Responsibility


In thinking about how social responsibility relates to the work of many businesses and non-profits today, there is a growing demand for policy and practice that aligns with core values related to social justice and equity.

Although power imbalances are naturally present in the workforce, how do we ensure that we are providing work environments that allow for people to live these values?

I am committed to developing training and educational series' that empower employers and employees to engage their community, contribute meaningfully, and have a sense of pride in their work.